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We, at LISCIO walls and floors solutions, believe that the interior of a dwelling should be dressed up well to suit the mood of the inhabitants. Be it home, office or a commercial premise, LISCIO always believes in ‘dressing up the surfaces’ to symbolise the theme of the people dwelling in it.


LISCIO is one of the leading manufacturers of decorative and industrial surface coatings. LISCIO has introduced innovative solutions for architectural coatings and surface finishing systems. LISCIO has a bouquet of innovative products to make the interior designer’s dream, a reality. Our list of products include; Metallic Flooring, Minerals, Concrete Walls, LISCIO Procrete, LISCIO Sealer, Mattel Coating, and Oxidation. We make our products for Modular Construction Companies, LISCIO Bond Plaster, and LISCIO Elastomeric Printable Plaster.  


LISCIO strives to bring quality and innovation to the society. Construction and architecture industries are constantly updating with new materials and framework and at LISCIO we are continuously developing our range of products to reach higher benchmark of efficiency and effectiveness. LISCIO is constantly innovating construction chemicals serving new experience to the existing markets, solving customer’s pain points and encouraging higher standards in construction industry.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

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LISCIO products are ideal not only for decorating interior walls, surfaces and furnishings, but also restoring old buildings and constructions with weather-proof solutions.


LISCIO range of walls and floors solutions are used in traditional construction. Traditional Construction is the process where all the raw materials are brought to the building site for tradespeople to cut and assemble at the project location. Soon, India will see the revolution is construction with the introduction of ‘Modular Construction’, which is the process in which a building (an apartment, business building, or a home) is constructed off-site, under controlled conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities, but in half the time. The process consists of buildings produced in modules to be later put together on site.


LISCIO has already developed walls and floors solutions for Modular Construction concept and we are way ahead of our competitors.

Our Team

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Bipin Limbani