The Liscio textures tell a story that takes us back to past times and different regional identities. Historical raw materials, lime and clay, combined with brand-new technologies go together to re-interpret traditional items.

Fab Walls

LISCIO FAB WALL is applied to attain retro effect in soft and warm color shades for interior and exterior surfaces. 

Color Wash

LISCIO COLOR WASH is a Siloxanic paint for creating decorative wash effect. It is a semi-transparent siloxanic paint that creates decorative wash effects on interior and exterior walls of the premises

Deco Stucco

It is a vapour permeable wall coating based on Natural Minerals putty, and is ideal for recreating marble effect on walls.

Traveltino Rome

LISCIO TRAVELTINO ROME is ideally used on exterior and interior surfaces but preferred on interior surfaces.

Heritance Firenze

LISCIO HERITANCE FIRENZE is a fine grain, acrylic polymer coating ideal for antique effect, cloud effect and orange peel effect finishes on walls.